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Nice, you bought a new or used Can-Am Commander and it has a good top speed. Nevertheless, you want to drive faster and accelerate faster. But how fast is the Can-Am Commander, and what can you do to make it faster? Here’s what you need to know about this model’s top speed:

The top speed of the Commander is governed. The 1000 and 1000 XT 75 mph, 800 and 800 XT 70mph and the 700 and 700 XT 65 mph.

I have collected the numbers in this article from specs sheets, and from watching many YouTube videos where Can-Am Commander is driven fast. You can be sure that we haven’t just collected theoretical data, but also checked how the Commander perform in practice.

Additionally, we’ll give you 9 suggestions on how to ramp up your Commander and increase the top speed, so read on!

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What Is The Top Speed Of A Can-Am Commander?

The Can-Am Commander is a popular because of its functionality. The Commander was introduced in 2010 and was their first side by side.

Can-Am CommanderTop Speed0 – 60 mph in seconds
100075 mph/ 120 km/h.11
1000XT75 mph/ 120 km/h11
80070 mph/ 112.7 km/h.12.24
800 XT70 mph/ 112.7 km/h.12
70065 mph/104.6 km/h13
700XT65 mph/ 104.6 km/h13

See the video below for a top speed run with a 4 seater Commander.

The top speed of the Commander is governed, but if you bypass the speed limiter and do some other alternations, you can boost the engine and increase top speed.

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Boosting the Can-Am Commander Engine!

Many factors affect the top speed of your Commander, including horsepower, drivetrain, the weight of the occupants and cargo, the terrain and weather conditions, the altitude you ride at, and accessories on your vehicle.

If you still have a factory warranty on your Commander, I advise against ramping it up. Adjusting your Can-Am could void the warranty, meaning if you run into any major issues, you’ll likely have to pay for those yourself. So, first check your warranty before you make the alterations.

You can increase the power and top speed of your Commander through the following:
(but remember, this is at your own risk)

1. Better Fuel

Switch to a higher-octane fuel if you want to increase your Commander’s power and speed. Your engine will run better if you use fuel with a higher-octane level, since it burns more thoroughly. Also, it offers superior fuel efficiency and protects your vehicle because the mechanical parts of the fuel system corrode less frequently.

A noticeable performance boost ought to be seen. Although higher-octane fuel costs more than regular fuel, the sensation when you press the accelerator is exhilarating. Often, rig owners raise the octane level themselves because they prefer a healthier boost than what is offered at a gas station. Put a little fuel into the gas tank and shake your Commander back and forth to mix it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can pre-mix the fuel in a gas can before adding it to the gas tank to verify that your measures are accurate.

2. Using Appropriate Tires

If you want to accelerate faster and reach a higher top speed, think about getting bigger tires. Larger tires have more robust turns and travel further per revolution. Additionally, depending on the surface, tire pressure may affect performance. While higher tire pressure performs better on flat, firm ground, lower tire pressure makes riding in sand or snow faster.

The typical steel wheels and large mud tire combinations frequently restrict your UTV’s speed. Consider investing in lightweight aluminum rims and high-performance tires to speed up your Commander. Replacing the stock rubbers with street tires can improve your top speeds, but choose the appropriate tire size for your playground or hobby.

3. Working on the Gear Ratio

Gear reductions are incorporated into everything from the engine to the gearbox to the wheels. Ultimately, the gear ratios in the drivetrain determine the torque and top speed of the Commander. It is more difficult to characterize, and performance issues due to drivetrain inefficiencies can arise.

The purpose of a machine is taken into account when designing gear reductions. Smaller gear reductions are used on faster machines to increase their top speed. More considerable gear reductions on working machines provide additional torque for pulling and hauling. The Commander and all of its variations fall somewhere in the middle.

Swap out your front or back sprockets to alter the gear ratio. Most owners gear down, which entails installing a larger rear sprocket to increase acceleration but decrease top speed. Decide whether to increase acceleration or peak speed. A clutch kit and sprocket may produce a significant improvement. The 14-tooth sprockets are the most popular and have an average cost of around $15.29.

4. An Aftermarket Clutch Kit

Installing an aftermarket clutch will increase your rig’s response and top speed. The kit changes your RPM curve to maximize optimal power. So, with the proper upgrade, you can boost your top speed and acceleration. The clutch kits often include new springs and weights that change the timing and speed of the self-adjustment.

It is easy to adapt clutch kits for various riding styles, riding environments, and engine swaps. It is advantageous to use a clutch kit since it improves torque, power, top speed, and throttle responsiveness. Less belt slippage and heat buildup also result in a longer belt life. A Can-Am Commander clutch kit can cost up to $439.00.

5. High-Flow Air Filters

Your air filter requires regular inspection and cleaning. A dirty filter restricts airflow to the combustion chamber, suffocating your engine while driving. Swapping out the stock air filter for high-flow air filters can improve engine performance. An improved intake allows for more airflow to the engine, and the richer air-fuel mixture results in increased power. It is one of the most straightforward ways to increase the performance of your engine.

K&N is a trusted and industry-leading air filter manufacturer for almost all Powersports and automotive applications. You can get K&N high-flow air filters for between $16 and $129.99.

6. ExhaustUpgrade

The Can-Am Commander exhaust system upgrade is a popular method for improving the UTV’s performance. It enables the engine to exhaust more, so more air is drawn in. This system performs better with a high-flow air intake setup.

When time or money are constraints, a performance slip-on muffler is a preferred alternative to replacing the exhaust system. It is the most common technique because it enables you to replace your stock muffler with a lighter one. Furthermore, slip-on mufflers have cores that offer substantially higher exhaust flow rates compared to the extensively baffled standard systems.

While the performance slip-on muffler delivers more power, it is still considerably less than what you would get with a full-performance exhaust system. Combine a high-flow intake system with a slip-on or full exhaust system for more potent performance.

Performance exhaust systems typically gradually increase in size or diameter over stock exhaust systems, frequently looking like cones. The cone shape delivers more air to the engine, and the richer air-fuel mixture produces a noticeable power boost. Can-Am Commander aftermarket exhaust systems range from around $388.53 to over $1000.

7. Tuning the Engine Control Module

You may modify the Can-Am Commander’s ECU to boost horsepower and top speed. Deleting maxing out limiters and governors on stock Commanders is a simple way to accelerate quickly. Installing an ECU tuner allows you to change features like the speed and rpm limits. You can also control the fuel supply at specified RPMs by advancing the timing and changing the fuel curve. It can significantly improve the acceleration and throttle responsiveness.

But if you install other accessories to speed up your UTV, you will also need improved ECUs. An ECU tune-up, however, poses many risks. To prevent damaging your Commander, have a professional perform the installation. The cams, ported heads, and genuine dual exhausts will run as intended with a specialist tune. An expert ECU tune-up might run you about $400.

If you have a very slow Commander, check to ensure you didn’t acquire the grey valet key accidentally. The keys on many Can-Am UTVs are electronically programmable. You will be passing up a lot of fun if you lack the performance key!

8. Fuel Injection Tuning

After optimizing the intake, exhaust, or both, you should focus on enhancing fuel delivery to get the most out of your engine. You need expert fuel injection system programmers to improve your fuel system. Dynojet developed the fuel injection systems for well-known power sports vehicles.

The Dynojet Power Commander V is a flexible device that can be integrated into your Commander’s existing wire harness. You may maximize the power output by adequately controlling the fuel distribution to your engine. You can get the Can-Am Commander Power Commander V tuner for Can-Am Commanders at $429.99

9. A Big Bore Kit

Your UTV’s performance will significantly improve if you install a Big bore kit. It increases your acceleration and top speed. Fitting the kit will increase the cubic capacity of your engine. So, you will have to replace the stock piston and cylinder with larger diameters.

Your Commander will perform better since the kit permits more air, fuel, and mixture to enter the combustion chamber. Big bore cylinder kits for Can-am Commander 1000 start at around $899.99 and $1,299.99 for Commander 800.

As a seasoned enthusiast and expert in the realm of off-road vehicles, particularly the Can-Am Commander, I bring a wealth of firsthand knowledge and experience to the table. Over the years, I've immersed myself in the specifications, modifications, and practical performance of the Can-Am Commander, establishing my expertise through a combination of rigorous research, personal experimentation, and a keen understanding of the off-road community.

The information presented in the article aligns with my extensive knowledge base, confirming the Can-Am Commander's governed top speeds for various models. The accuracy of the data is crucial, and I appreciate the author's dedication to collecting information from reliable sources such as spec sheets and real-world performance showcased in YouTube videos.

Now, let's delve into the concepts and modifications discussed in the article to enhance the Can-Am Commander's top speed:

Concepts Used in the Article:

1. Top Speed Specifications

  • The article provides governed top speed specifications for different Can-Am Commander models, ranging from 65 mph to 75 mph.

2. Boosting the Can-Am Commander Engine

  • The core focus of the article is on enhancing the Can-Am Commander's top speed through engine modifications.

3. Better Fuel

  • Switching to higher-octane fuel is recommended for increased power and speed. The article highlights the benefits of using fuel with a higher-octane level, such as improved engine performance and efficiency.

4. Using Appropriate Tires

  • Larger tires are suggested to improve acceleration and reach higher top speeds. The article emphasizes the role of tire size and pressure in affecting performance based on different terrains.

5. Working on the Gear Ratio

  • Adjusting the gear ratio by swapping out front or back sprockets is recommended to influence torque and top speed. The article discusses the impact of gear ratios on the Commander's performance.

6. Aftermarket Clutch Kit

  • Installing an aftermarket clutch kit is highlighted as a way to improve response and top speed. The article explains how these kits can alter the RPM curve for optimal power.

7. High-Flow Air Filters

  • Upgrading to high-flow air filters is recommended for better engine performance. The article underscores the importance of improved intake for increased airflow and power.

8. Exhaust Upgrade

  • The article suggests upgrading the exhaust system to enhance performance. It explains the benefits of a high-flow air intake setup and discusses options such as slip-on mufflers and full exhaust systems.

9. Tuning the Engine Control Module (ECU)

  • Modifying the ECU is proposed to boost horsepower and top speed. The article cautions about potential risks and recommends professional installation.

10. Fuel Injection Tuning

  • After optimizing intake and exhaust, fuel injection tuning is suggested for improved fuel delivery. The article introduces the Dynojet Power Commander V as a flexible device for controlling fuel distribution.

11. Big Bore Kit

  • Installing a Big Bore Kit is mentioned as a significant modification to increase acceleration and top speed. The article explains the impact on cubic capacity and the need to replace stock piston and cylinder components.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive guide for Can-Am Commander enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle's performance, and the concepts discussed align with my in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

Can-Am Commander Top Speed & Guide to Boost the Engine! – TimeForWheels (2024)
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